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Tricoci University was honored to be a part of Harper College's "A Twisted Trip in Time" Fashion Show this year. Inspired by Hunger Games, Alice in Wonderland, and mystical Forest creatures of all kinds, our Libertyville, Glendale Heights, and Bridgeview students definitely brought some amazing hair and makeup to the event this year. Great job to all the students that participated, you guys are truly ahead of your time!

“We had an amazing experience! We appreciate the opportunity to coach and mentor the students. They created looks that reflected the designer’s visions. The fashion show was a futuristic take on past looks that were very innovative. We were also amazed by the talent and creativity of the high school showcase. We rate this as an A+ event!” – Teacher Trainers Ms. Qiana, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Janice

 For more photos from the fashion show, please visit the full album on our Facebook page

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by Adeeba Khan

Here's a few tips on how to be successful when you're just starting out in cosmetology or beauty school. We like to think of it as the essentials of "Essentials".

1) Say "Cheese"

Every haircut, updo or full foil, take a picture and keep it in your files. There are many benefits for this. Firstly, you can see the progress you have made throughout the program. Secondly, you can add these to your resume so people get a visual of your talent and skill. Lastly, you can post them on social media which includes Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with relevant hashtags, you never know who who can see your photos!

2) Spread it out

Every Saturday you are tested on the all the practicals you learned that week and every Tuesday you take a written test and turn in the three things: smart notes, lookbook and note cards. It always good to spread out these assignments through out the week so it's not over whelming. I always suggest doing the note cards (which is summarizing in your own words the steps to a haircut or color application) on Friday so you can review the steps before the test. As far as your test, I would finish the smart notes by Saturday. Then look over my study guide provided by the teacher and review Theory. I have done this routine every week and never failed a test.

3) Be nice

Be nice to everyone! There are so many reasons why this is important because you never know if your classmate might be your boss one day. Also, there is a lot you can learn from other people. You can learn tricks and tips on how to give the best air form or the cleanest manicure. This industry is always evolving and you want to master every technique so you can offer your client the very best.

4) Get your foot in the door

Getting your name out there early. Two months into the program, I started applying for a receptionist positions or even a spa assistant, anything to get my foot in the door. I also wanted to show people that I have initiative and that I’m hungry for work. That even 40 hours a week working with hair is not enough to quench my thirst. Plus, it’s a bonus to have salon experience on your resume.

5) Look AND act the part

Energy is so important. School prepares you to work Saturday so our schedule is Tuesday-Saturday 9-5. And it’s up to you to take advantage of acting like you are getting ready for a job, looking professional with your image and your energy. You want to be able to look the part. I always make sure I have some makeup on, my hair is polished and my nails are clean. But life happens. Throughout school, you are able to practice putting your life to the side. You are practicing how to get through an 8 hour shift with full energy from beginning to end. Some tips is to have full a breakfast and bring a well packed lunch.

6) Invest

Invest in some comfortable all black shoes. If you are going to be committed in this industry you also have to accept the down sides: being on your feet all day! 

7) Get 'er done

If there is every down time, do sign offs! The more sign offs you do in the classroom, the less you have to do when you are on the salon floor.

Think we missed something? Tweet your tip with the hashtag #tricociuniversity!

About Adeeba Khan

Adeeba Khan is a current Cosmetology student at Tricoci University's Chicago NW campus and her passion is hair, makeup and nails. It runs through her veins. It can either be giving a manicure or creating an updo, that is when she feels the most alive. She loves making people feel like their most beautiful self. She hopes to one day open her own salon or teach classes around the world because she wants people to come to a salon to escape from the world and make the cosmetology profession more dignified.

To see more of Adeeba’s work, check her out on Instagram at

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By Ariel Pierson

I started out with the mindset that this demonstration was to be just about makeup and about the James Ryder Makeup Labs. Not really expecting much more than a demo about makeup application and Ryder telling us about how great his makeup labs are and how much we needed to take them as students and future professionals. Instead, it became so much more than that. Ryder effortlessly and eagerly gives students amazing advice and even welcomes and encourages feedback and questions. He had a smooth and easy manner that you would not expect from some with his professional experience and of his caliber. It was as if Ryder was speaking to me personally instead of a group of sixty, and at one point I got so caught up in his little side stories that I completely forgot to take notes!

Ryder confesses, “I didn’t want to become a makeup artist.”

I was a little taken back by that emission, but thoroughly amused by the story that followed. Ryder first started doing makeup when he was sixteen. It seemed that his girlfriend at the time, who was a model for the JC Penny catalogue, had convinced him to go to an editorial makeup workshop. The man that was giving the workshop told Ryder that he had to take the class or leave, meaning that he had to pay and participate or leave. Ryder’s reply was that he was a drummer and started to leave. He started chuckling as he recalled the incident and what the man said next, “Shut up and take the class.” Ryder stayed and took the class and realized he had a natural talent for makeup artistry. After that his girlfriend and all of her friends started asking him to do their makeup. It escalated from there and he started receiving calls from photographers asking him to do their making for their photoshoots.

“My first photoshoot for Vogue was when I was seventeen.” I about died.

The more he talked, the wider my eyes became. Ideas and possibilities that he inspired started forming and taking shape inside my mind. I started to get a little giddy at the possibilities that came to mind. I could do anything I wanted! But his advice didn’t end there.

Do the social media networking, 15-20 minutes every day, using your real name on your professional page, which should be open to everyone. People will want to find you when you get recommendations and when you apply for work regardless of where it is. Save the drunken nights and inappropriate posts for your private page that is not accessible from the public. We are developing a product and we have to dedicate our free time to working on this brand. We are that product and that brand. In order to be the best that we can be, we need to make makeup artistry our lives.

In a small demonstration Ryder challenges Hayley Beck of Tricoci’s Rockford campus, to a one minute eye makeup application. Both Ryder and Hayley had one minute to apply makeup to a student Ryder pick from our crowd. There were six to seven brushes each of them would use, preloaded with the correct makeup. Ryder explained to Hayley the sequence and techniques to applying each brush to the eye. Taking the time and make sure she understood what was expected. One minute each. All six to seven brushes already in hand. He said that his goal of this demo was to finish first within the one minute and have the best application. He looked to the crowd with this joke and laughed sheepishly.

Ryder completed his eye application first. Speeding through it with 11 seconds left on the clock. The crowd was stunned. He created this smoky eye that was both seductive and alluring. Next it was Hayley’s turn. She was hesitate and nervous, but that didn’t diminish her talent nor his preparation. Hayley finished her eye with 18 seconds left on the clock! Talk about unexpected! The only difference between the eyes were Ryder application was a little heavier.

This one minute demo was a reflection of a makeup application in a professional settling, whether in a photoshoot or fashion show. Ryder explained as professionals in our field, we need to be prepared for any opportunities that come our way. That’s what defines us as professionals. The key to doing this? Have two brushes of each kind preloaded with makeup. Set these brushes up in exactly the same way every time, so that when you need the brushes your muscle memory will automatically grab the correct next brush! Ryder goes on to explain highlighting and shading are also the most important part of makeup. Brilliant. This was an “ah-ha!” moment for me. Such simple tips and trick that can help us students shoot to the top of our game and become rock stars!

“You can pick the salon you want to work at with a rock star portfolio…Your portfolio is your power. It’s fun.” – Ryder

Ryder advises that students need to be working on photography shoots on our days off or during any free time that we can take advantage of. We can work with young designers, photographers, wardrobe stylish and real models from local schools. Once you do one shoot, they will continue to use you. If you can complete three or four photoshoots, your next step is fashion week. Your ultimate goal should be to get published in magazines.

Model Mayhem is a free social networking website that will allow us to connect to thousands of people in the Rockford/Chicago area for photoshoots. Ryder tells us, “Go after them. Say, ‘Nice work, lets shoot.’ Don’t be passive, saying, ‘I hope we can work in the future’.”

An amazing portfolio will allow you to work anywhere you want to work, regardless if it’s fashion, in a salon, or the movie industry. The first picture should be your best image. When organizing your portfolio, your power shots should always be on the right. More time is always spent looking at the photos on the right because the page has to be turned. Ah-ha! I furiously scribbled notes trying to take in every last drop of advice Ryder gave us. Start with only a half a dozen shoots. “Do not go pass twenty,” Ryder advises, “Take out the old, and put in the new.” Always cycle with your current imagines. You need to be taking photos every few days and post to them to social media websites, take advantage of Instagram, it’s free marketing.

Your portfolio should always accompany your resume. When creating our resumes we should be “stacking,” This means we need to be noting any fashion designers and clothing used at the photoshoot. If the wardrobe stylish used Vera Wang on the models, Vera Wang needs to be noted on your resume.

“Internships are the best thing you can do. This will make you more powerful as an artist.” Ryder goes on to tell us a story about a student that took his Makeup Labs and she didn’t know where to apply once she was finished with cosmetology school. He advised an internship and gave her some examples of where to apply; the ballet, the opera. Fifteen minutes after her leaving school she had an eight month internship already lined up. After the internship, she had offers from other operas, one of which flew her out to them and offered her the job personally. She still keeps in touch with Ryder, “I can’t wait to get to work every day to see what I get to do.”

For films, Ryder advises getting “on set” experience now while students are still in school. Even if you want to work in a salon, you will look different, special. Start with student films before transitioning to do films even if your portfolio is amazing you need the experience of how things are during filming. Go to the Film Department at the local universities or the State Film Commission website director. Everyone in the state will be listed with credentials. Cosmetology students need to be interning as a production assistant to learn how movies work, this will help get you starting on your career.

Students and professionals have the opportunity to receive advance training and mind blowing experience that can open up potential to phenomenally crazy possibilities. Ryder gives students tips, practical and priceless advice as future professionals.

There’s always going to be a way to do anything, you have to find your own way of doing things. Find your own inspiration. Ryder confesses that his inspiration has always been music and Rock & Roll from the start. That’s were his gritty edge look manifested from. And although we are taught the “James Ryder” way at his Makeup Labs, we need to expand and make it our own just like everything else.

Ryder was funny, engaging, and informative, and I for one cannot wait to take his Makeup Labs.

“Just jump in and do it.” -Ryder

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Posted by on in Esthetics

"I was first introduced to the special effects makeup field when I watched the show Face Off. In this show there are multiple talented makeup artists that compete against one another to become a Face Off champion and get an opportunity to really boost their career. When I watched this show I could only think about how amazing it would be to get to do that, thus my love for makeup began! Some major makeup celebs that inspire me are James Ryder, Alexys Fleming, and Ve Neal. When I graduate Tricoci University, I would really like to work in the special effects field whether it be in film, magazines, tutorials, tv shows, anything really! I'm ready to work for anything my life decides to throw at me."

- Hayley Beck, Tricoci University Rockford esthetics student

Products Used

Kryolan Supracolor Cream Makeup six color burn and injury wheel

Kryolan Supracolor Highlight and Shadow Palette

Kryolan Fixing Spray

Kryolan Brush Cleaner

Kryolan mixing palette and spatula

Brushes Used

Royal & Langnickel ZEN

Kryolan Professional Art: Number 6, 5, and 8

Simply Simmons One Stroke 1/2

Bare Essentials Eyeliner brush

Credits/Special Thanks

Makeup - Hayley Beck (TUBC Rockford)

Hair - Jessica Mendoza (TUBC Glendale Heights)

Model - Bailey Johnson (TUBC Glendale Heights)

Attending TUBC Instructors - Heather Martin & Gloria Sepulveda

Location - Tricoci University's Glendale Heights campus

Producer/Filmmaker - Erin DiGangi

Want to see more work by Hayley Beck? Check out her Instagram account at or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Beauty Has No Limits. This was the theme for this year’s 5th annual Miss Amazing Pageant on March 7th, 2015 at Butler University. And after working with the ladies of the Pageant, it is most certainly true. Promoting self-esteem, life skills and confidence, Miss Amazing Inc. is designed for young women ages 5+ with any disability. Through the skills learned in a pageant atmosphere such as public speaking, interviewing and meeting new people, the girls are able to increase their abilities outside of the pageant and are encouraged to take their newly mastered skills into their daily lives.

Tricoci University students from the Lafayette campus got to spend some time with almost all the contestants that wanted to have their hair, make up, or nails done. Interacting with the girls that were in the Miss Amazing pageant really made all of the students feel amazing. The girls may have disabilities, but when it came to becoming a pageant contestant, they knew exactly what they wanted and how beautiful they really were.

And at the pageant it was true, beauty does NOT have limits. Every participant knew exactly how beautiful and special they were and could literally light up the whole room with a smile or a laugh. They knew that they were making a difference in the world by being themselves.

“As I walked around taking pictures of all of the girls, some would say, ‘Let me see how beautiful I am!’ Just hearing how excited they were made my heart fill with joy and happiness.” - Sydney Crownover, Guest Services Coordinator/Student Success Advisor

"From personal experience, I have seen young women transform in a day's time. From barely speaking as we greet them that morning to leaving after crowning with smiles on their faces and plenty of hugs to give out; it is evident the effect our volunteers have on them. Watching the girls transform even from backstage to their "stage personalities" is absolutely incredible. Most of them can work a stage and their crowd better than professional speakers and performers; the energy they create in the room is powerful and contagious. For me, Miss Amazing has literally been life changing. These last 4 years have made me into the person I am today and I thank The Lord for the opportunity I was given to impact so many lives, but most importantly, for changing me as a person and opening the door to me for this incredible eye-opening journey." - Megan Layne, State Director of the Indiana Miss Amazing Pageant

It truly was a life changing experience for the Lafayette campus Tricoci students that participated in this year’s event and will be participating in this event for years to come. The Miss Amazing Pageant has shined a new light into our student’s and instructor’s eyes, and has a new found place in our heart. What a great foundation for all girls with disabilities, and for anyone that volunteers.

For more photos of The Miss Amazing Pageant visit our Facebook page at

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