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perspectives imageAnecdotally, we've always heard from salon owners that TUBC's graduates were more advanced than graduates from other schools. To test this idea, in 2010 we engaged an independent research firm, Research America, to call over 200 salons and spas (of all types) to get their perspectives on graduates from TUBC and other leading schools in Illinois.

As the table below shows, the results confirmed what we had been hearing. Join our current TUBC graduates on the fast track to a successful career!



Which beauty schools provide the top graduates in the following areas: "Best" or "2nd Best" Votes among Leading Schools in Illinois Index: TUBC to Next Highest Vote Getter

Next Highest
Vote Getter
Professionalism 20 12 1.67
Overall Salon/Spa-Readiness 21 13 1.62
Client Soft Skills 17 12 1.42
Technical Skills 17 13 1.31
Creative Skills 17 14 1.21
Confidence 17 14 1.21
Selling Retail 13 11 1.18
Long-Term Success 14 13 1.08
Success on Floor 15 14 1.07
Up-Selling Services 12 12 1.00




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