Extra-Curricular Activities For Students

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture: "Mostly" About School

School is (mostly) about education, and we believe you get the finest beauty education at Tricoci University. On top of the world-class education, TUBC offers our students a variety of benefits and opportunities to round out your education and prepare you for a successful career.

tricoci university TLC TeamTLC Program

TUBC and its students believe it is important to give back to the community. TLC (Teaching, Learning, Caring) Team members plan and execute events that support groups that are in need of resources or care. Events range from fundraising for victims of Hurricane Sandy to providing pampering services to members of local senior-living communities. Learn more.

LEAPStars tricoci university

LEAPStars Program

As students advance through their education, they can also advance through the LEAPStar program by earning rewards and recognition with each status achieved – from Apprentice to Elite. LEAPStar evaluation metrics are aligned to the behaviors and activities that will translate to career success in salons and spas. Each status gets progressively more difficult to reach, but the rewards and recognition escalate, as well.

RetailTeam tricoci universityRetail Team

Salons and spas seek beauty school graduates that understand the importance of adding product sales to their guest’s service ticket. Students that are members of TUBC’s Retail Team work to achieve this goal by making product sales easier and fun for the entire campus.

StyleSquad tricoci universityStyle Squad

The excitement of the beauty industry is captured by the Style Squad, which plans and executes events that show off TUBC students’ best work, both in and outside the campus. These events show the community how rewarding and fun a career in the beauty industry can be.

TUBC Student Council

The Tricoci University Student Council is a group of students elected by, and representing, their classmates. The Student Council is a forum to collect and exchange students’ ideas, interests and concerns. The Student Council works with the Office of Student Affairs to improve student life and the school. This is a great opportunity for students to develop leadership skills that will help them in their careers.



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