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This is a guest post by Melissa Thompson, a student at Tricoci University.


Beacon 2014 was one of the best experiences of my life. There were so many talented students and professionals that I met and will never forget. Geno Stampora made everyone feel more than welcome when we arrived at the Beacon Bash. He told us about what to look forward to during the rest of our time in Vegas. He was always so excited and confident when he spoke to us. He told us that every single one of us is special because we've made it this far!

Mark Cuban was one of the best speakers. He spoke to us about how we can make our business better than others and how to network. He said we need to know more about other peoples' products than they do. He also gave us advice about how to sell products and that they don't sell themselves. Toward the end of Mark's speech, we were all able to ask him questions via twitter and he had helpful answers to all of them.

Winn Claybaugh was my favorite speaker. He was so inspirational and had passion in what he was saying. He talked to us about how we need to give 100%, 100% of the time. He said our lives are what we make them and our attitudes will determine what kind of day we will have. He has a saying - we can either be bitter or better - and I will start applying that in my own life.


The NAHA awards ceremony was amazing! It was so upbeat and exciting. There were so many amazing categories: Avant Garde, Contemporary Classic, Editorial, Hairstylist of the Year, etc. It was very honorable to have been able to see all the NAHA winners' work. I would love to someday be able to call myself a NAHA winner!


One of my creations!

I would like to thank my all of my educators, staff members and classmates at Tricoci University. They all helped me in some way to make it to Beacon 2014. I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to experience this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime.

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This is a guest post by Joanna Feliciano, a student at Tricoci University.


I would like to start off by thanking every educator, staff member and classmate at Tricoci University. If it wasn't for all the help and support, I would've never won the Beacon contest.

Beacon was an amazing experience. I wish that every student could attend! We got to hear about all the things that the Professional Beauty Association
does for the cosmetology industry; like how they're fighting with Congress to keep our license a requirement for professionals (so that not just anyone
can do hair) and about different charities they support to help cancer patients and women affected by domestic violence.


At the PBA business forum we got to hear from Mark Cuban (from the TV show Shark Tank). He gave us tips on running a business. We also heard from Larry Curtis from Taylor Andrews Academy who told us to "never stop learning" and "if someone tells you that something is impossible, it's only because it's impossible for them!"

The NAHA's were awesome, too! There was 14 different categories including contemporary classic, hair color, make up artist of the year, student
hairstylists of the year and lifetime achievement award. It was nice to see everybody's work and how they did things to hair that at this point I had no
idea could be done. They also had runway shows by Redken, JCPenney, and Aveda. My favorite part at the NAHA's after party was getting to meet Sam Villa and Andrew Carruthers!


On the last day of Beacon we heard from Sam Burns. He told us right now we should also be focusing on men clientele because most women right now are growing out their hair, wearing extensions or have an ombré and not coming into the salon as often. We also had an open mic where we could ask past and present NAHA winners any questions we had. We also heard from Vivienne McKinder who is know as the hairdresser's hairdresser.

Vivienne talked to us about client consultation (to stay away from salon drama!), perfecting our craft, and time management. At the end of Beacon,
Vivienne stayed an extra hour just to make sure that every person who wanted a picture or autograph had one --- she was amazing and truly inspiring!


What I learned from the Beacon experience is: don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Ask questions when applying at a salon. If you're going to be working there, you want to make sure that you're interviewing them. If they can't properly interview you, then they won't have the time to properly train you either. You don't have to take the first job right out of beauty school, it's ok to shop around. Beacon made me more confident in myself going forward and I can't wait to take the next step!!

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Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is honored to once again support Illinois’ only all-women’s charity bicycle ride - Venus de Miles - held at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest on Saturday, August 9th 2014.
Cosmetology students and expert instructors from Tricoci University’s Libertyville, Chicago NW and Glendale Heights campuses will be on hand to pamper participants with free mini manicures and pedicures during the event’s post-ride festival. 
The annual Venus de Miles is a true celebration of sisterhood; held in aid of Greenhouse Scholars which is a non-profit organization that provides financial and personal support to Illinois’ most deserving and promising college students. 
The non-competitive ride is for females of all skill levels, featuring 13, 28 and 64-mile course options. The post-ride festival will feature delicious refreshments and entertainment, too.    
Laura Pierce, VP of Operations at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, says: “Our team of instructors and students are excited to contribute their cosmetology talents to this important educational cause. We are looking forward to cheering on the participants – and pampering them with well-deserved beauty treatments afterwards.”
The free mini manicures and pedicures will be available from 10am to 2pm at the post-ride festival, located at the Glen Rowan House on the campus of Lake Forest College.
To register to participate in Venus de Miles, please click here. For general event details, please visit
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Posted by on in Rockford

This is a guest post by Ashley Temes, a student at our Rockford campus.


Where even to begin? The first step of myself choosing Tricoci was knowing I wanted to go into the hair industry. After I knew what I wanted to study and do for the rest of my life, it was choosing what school was best for me. When I visited Tricoci, I was nervous, but excited in hopes this school would be the school for me. I walked in the door and could already tell I wanted to go here. After I toured the school, I knew this was the school for me. I wanted a top end school in the area that could give me the best education. With that being said Tricoci met my credentials for the education I wanted.

August 12, 2013 was my first day of school. As I was anxiously awaiting for someone else in the parking lot to get out of their cars to walk with me inside, I gathered up the courage to walk in the door myself - and that's where my experience begun. Walking in my classroom to a warm hearted, loving teacher was the best part of my first day. I just knew this was going to be a great journey. I had a great experience in essentials from showcasing my skills, to making life long friends, and knowing this was he right career path for me. Through laughs and tears my first 11 weeks were already completed. Where did the time go? Next step was the famous clinic floor!

How exciting it was finally being out on the clinic floor! It was time to work on actual clients. Nervous, but quite excited I jumped right into the groove of things. Working hard to get those mark offs done to making sure I could give my client what they wanted done. I prescribed my clients with the best products that would best suit them. I feel retailing clients is helping prepare my skills for the salon world. The floor is upbeat and so much fun! I love learning new tricks and techniques to try on future clients as well. The floor is such a great environment to learn and to grow.

Another great opportunity I received while being at Tricoci was being involved in our student council. I have been in Tricoci's student council since my first week of advanced classes. I have helped brain storm ideas from fundraising to Food Fridays, or just getting student more involved in the school. We even came up with the idea to have officers among our student body. I knew this was a role i wanted to serve as. As a result, I ran for our student council president and won a tight race! I couldn't be more happier with how great student council is turning out to be. I feel we accomplish a lot and our school is becoming a much closer team! Student council is such a great group to help get yourself involved and to keep others as well as yourself motivated.

With all that being said, I assure you that I have had an astonishing experience at Tricoci. As sad as I am to graduate in a couple of weeks, I know I am well prepared to go out into the world. I will miss my teachers and staff and fellow students who I met while attending school at Tricoci. A big thank you to everyone who has had an impact on me while attending Tricoci university!



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This is a guest post by Tiffany Cleek, a student at our Highland campus.


I believe that focus and determination are the key elements that helped me achieve my goals during beauty school. As a single Mom of two beautiful young girls, focus and determination are the force fields of my everyday life. Without them, I would not have made it this far in my daily struggles and in the cosmetology program.

Without focus, I wouldn't have been able to achieve my short-term goals which led to my long-term goals. I focused on the teachings by my instructors, tests, homework assignments and workshops which has led me to a vast amount of knowledge in the cosmetology field. I feel confident that I will become a successful hair stylist and makeup artist in the beauty industry. Without focus you can become very lost from your goals and dreams. Plans can easily fall through which could lead to incomplete goals and ultimately failing or dropping out of the program.

Determination is the force or drive that one has when they want to achieve their goals and dreams. It is what gets you out of bed in the morning, it is what makes us keep going when you want to leave school early or just want to quit. It is the voice inside your head that tells you “you can do this” or “keep going...!” Without determination I would have not made my check points and ultimately wouldn't have completed the cosmetology program. It is also the vision of imagining yourself in a salon, spa or working from home that keeps you going.

I can happily look back at my accomplishments and my obstacles and say...” I DID IT!!!” The best part is no one can take this great feeling of accomplishment away from me. It's mine and I own it!

Focusing on my day to day, month to month, check point to check point - I made it and I'm very proud of myself. I was determined to complete this cosmetology program for me and my daughters, and I did it.

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Beacon winning entries from left to right: Joanna Feliciano and Melissa Thompson  

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture (TUBC) is honored to announce that eight of its exceptional cosmetology students have received highly-acclaimed Beacon Awards 2014 from the Professional Beauty Association (PBA).

The following three TUBC students were named as 2014 Beacon Winners, which is the very-best accolade: Joanna Feliciano, Melissa Thompson, and Tasneem Kassamali.

And five more TUBC students received Honorable Mentions: Gabriela Martinez, Kamia McClendon, Aquanetta Nunley, Ivonne Torrano and Hannah Clemens.

These award-winning students are now eligible to attend PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas (12-15 July 2014), where they will have the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the beauty industry and learn cutting-edge cosmetology techniques.

Brian Weed, CEO of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, explains, "We are so proud of these students. Thousands of cosmetology students enter the Beacon competition every year, but only the very best are presented with an award or honorable mention. This is further evidence of what salons tell us—that our students are consistently the most 'salon-ready' among all beauty school graduates."

More about the Beacon Awards
The PBA Beacon Awards recognize the most promising cosmetology student talent in the nation, providing them with education and opportunities to network with the industry's highest profile salon owners and stylists during PBA Beauty Week, which is held every July in Las Vegas. Beacon students attend specialized classes with the biggest names in the industry, get up close and personal with North American Hairstyling Award finalists and get a firm understanding of the business of beauty.

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Tricoci University's Glendale Heights campus had a blast doing hair and makeup for the end of year fashion show at Hoffman Estates High School. This is an annual event held for the school's fashion departments and Tricoci students were honored to be involved in this fun, creative day. Instructor Sharon Reitinger describes the day...


Our Glendale Heights TUBC artists step out of the classroom, and into Hoffman Estates High School. We are immediately greeted by the students and staff, who are clearly eager to see what we can bring to the table. We begin by setting up our stations and preparing for the innevitable onslaught of 30-45 possible students desiring our services. Erica, Jasmina and Sedef get to work setting up makeup stations with our Krylon and color lab makeup. Shortly after, the fury begins as students come in to be transformed.


But we're prepared. Erica’s nimble fingers are in high demand creating stunning braids that even the great Sam Villa would be proud of. Mari has an adventurous student who is up for bold and beautiful texture waves. Lupe and Alex C. are excited to showcase their talents, but realize with the added humidity we will need extra product (oh thank goodness for Redken Control addict 28)! Kristina is all-in with a "big hair, don’t care" mentality. Raul, Lindsay, Alyssa and Amanda work the curls, all while Melanie’s eye for the details helps finishing touches pop. There really is no team quite like Tricoci.


Seeing the Hoffman Estates students in awe of their transformations was priceless - and exactly why we love visiting them each year. We can't wait to see them again soon!



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Posted by on in Rockford

This is a guest post by Brianna Baker, a student at our Rockford campus.

My name is Brianna and I have been attending Tricoci University in Rockford since June of 2013. The reason I chose to come to Tricoci, was because I knew it was best hair school in my area, they have standards(that all students have to meet), and just the fact that I knew a couple people that went there - all of which had nothing but great things to say. The environment is awesome here, like one big family! And the instructors are wonderful. If you need help with anything, want to learn new ways to do a certain style or something, you can always ask or come to them for anything. I appreciate all of my instructors, each in their own way. They have taught me so much, from hair cutting to styling, and I will carry a lot of those steps and advice with me for the rest of my life.


Going to Tricoci was the best choice, and a real experience for me. If I could go back, I wouldn't change a thing. I have met some great stylists in this industry, and also great techniques and hot tips that I use to this day. One of my best days at Tricoci was the first time I met Mario Tricoci himself. He was great. It was amazing to get a one on one with him, and his message was so inspiring and fulfilling and is something I will take with me for the rest of my life. I have so many great memories here at Tricoci from all the demo events, games, and competitions we have. It wasn't just about learning, we had fun and learned all at once!

Being at Tricoci these last 11 months was an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I have met some of the most amazing people, formed some really great friendships, and have learned so much when it comes to hair and life situations. Coming to Tricoci, working on the clinic floor, being hands on with clients, and building great relationships with them has taught how to be professional at all times. Not to mention it made my love for beauty grow stronger than ever! It is passion doing hair, and making people look good and feel even better. I am so thankful for my Tricoci friends and family. 


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This is a guest post by Marie Suchy, a student at our Highland campus.

I grew up in a family where the phrase, "no one will hire you if you have tattoos" was repeated constantly. However, I knew at a very young age that if that was the case, I didn't want the job. I believe tattoos are an expression of beauty and also a way to wear your creativity, passions, and beliefs on your sleeve, literally.

I am so grateful I fell into this industry. It is welcoming to people will tattoos and in some cases, the more you have, the more creative you are. I have had the same hair stylist since I was seven years old. I pointed at her and said, "mom, I want her to do my hair." She had a full sleeve on one arm and the other arm started, crazy colored hair and bright red lips. Now that I have joined the hair family, I feel more at home than I ever did at any other job I've had.


Now I'm not saying all tattoos are tasteful. I'm sure if my stylist had a tattoo of tweety bird on her face, the story would've been different. However, the main reason people get tattoos is to be permanently expressive. Whether it be sentimental, tragedy, or a memoriam, I respect anyone who believes strongly enough to get something eternal because it meant something to them.

Nowadays, it's hard to find someone without tattoos. Which means the work forces are backing off. And I think that's grand. All in all, cosmetology has allowed me to not worry about getting a job because I have tattoos. I am fully confident that whatever I choose to do, I'll belong. 

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This is a guest post by Amie Lotzer, a student at our Rockford campus.

My time spent at Tricoci University seamed to last forever, but at the same time I can not believe that it is time for me to graduate. When I first signed up to attend, I wasn't sure what to expect. Being a mother of four I was concerned that it was too late in life to attempt this challenge. After a lot of prayer and support from my family, I started my journey. I was very nervous, but a small voice told me to not be afraid. I set out to do my very best knowing the sacrifice everyone was making to make this all possible. It wasn't easy! I was challenged mentally, physically and spiritually. But it helped me grow. And this is something I've always been drawn to. When I was out of high school I had a chance to attend a beuty college but I went to school for commercial art instead because I did not understand and respect the profession of a hairdresser. Now that I have attended school at Tricoci University, I have nothing but the utmost respect for hairdressers.


I have made many new friends that I hope to stay in touch with and feel that we were meant to be in class together. I was also able to meet Mario himself shortly after starting school, which was very exciting for me. One of the goals for me was to be here everyday and receive 100% on all my tests. And while this wasn't possible, I know I did reach my goal of sharing my love for life everyday with those around me. When I leave here I will be volunteering with hospice to help those in need. In five years I see myself working for a company that can use all of my skills combined, possibly in a management position.

My message to all of you: thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for your time, support and wisdom that helped me along this journey.

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This is a guest post by Tameka Jordan, a student at our Glendale Heights campus.

Glendale Heights had the opportunity to have a stylist and aesthetician from Asha salon spa demonstrate a day make up application. Asha salon spa is an Aveda salon and exclusively carries Aveda products. The Aveda product line is certified organic and is only available in Aveda salons or online. Asha salon spas are located on: the streets of Woodfield, Rockford Mall, Shops of Butterfield, Downtown Evanston, Gold Coast Chicago, Bucktown Chicago, James Hotel Chicago, Hotel Felix Chicago, Renaissance Hotel Schaumburg and Hotel Orrington Evanston. The many locations allow Asha salon spa to reach the masses and employ many positions. The assistant training program is about nine months to a year for hair stylists and about three weeks to a month for aesthetic training.


The demonstration started first by hydrating the clients face and lips which is important before starting make up application. Then the next step were the brows, begin by brushing upward and outward. Begin to fill in brow by using a matte colored pencil take small strokes to make brow look natural. After both brows are penciled brush brow up and outward again to soften pencil strokes, and finally set brow with powder. A trick to filling in brows that have a scar use pencil strokes in opposite direction of the scar for pencil to adhere to the brow bone. Next step is eye shadow, if eyes are receding then expand shadow beyond eye lid. When applying shadows always pat shadow upward and outward never rub. Have your guest look in opposite direction your applying shadow to avoid shadow in their eye.


A trick we learned to blend two colors into a smoky eye is to blend crease color upward blended to highlight under brow bone. To apply liner on lower lid have guest look upward and pull taught their skin. Take little swiping motions. Moving on to applying foundation and contouring the face. To match the perfect foundation apply three different colors to clients jaw line trying to blend color into neck. The color that blends the best from jaw line to the clients neck will be the foundation. Start by applying foundation center then stroking color outward to avoid a line of demarcation. After foundation is applied use counselor for more coverage. To achieve this look use opposite color on color wheel to conceal purples, blues, greens, and red undertones. After concealing and foundation is applied set with setting powder. To begin face contouring highlight under brow bone, cupids bow, above cheek bone, and center of forehead and blend into skin. To create shadows blend darker color at jaw line, around hairline, and under cheekbone. To finish the look apply blush by using a guideline starting at temple connecting to outer counter of lip. Last step is to apply false lash to upper lid then the look is complete.



This make up demonstration was extremely informative and inspiring student to look further into a career with Asha salon spa. By following this guideline you can create the perfect perky cheek bones!

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This is a guest post by Briana Artz, a student at our Rockford campus.

My experience at TUBC has been life changing. I wish I could tell you everything but I'm sure you have no time to read a book. When I say life changing, I really do mean it. For a lot of people beauty school is either a dream or just something to do. Let me tell you that if your just going to beauty school just for something to do, it ain't that easy. The teachers at Tricoci are very supportive and show you what Cosmetology is all about. Being a stylist is not only a job but it's a dream. My favorite part about school was when I moved out of essentials and to the advance class. You learn so many tips and tricks! TUBC isn't your average beauty school. There are so many energetic personalities, and there is never a dull moment!


Everyone at TUBC is like a big family. We bicker together, we laugh together and we cry together. But at the end of the day we still have each other's back. Having that support system is what I truly believe has kept me going. Tricoci is not a place where people fail. All of the teachers are so helpful and will feed you as much knowledge as possible. I remember in high school if you didn't turn in your homework it would just be put in the grade book as a zero. At TUBC if you miss homework, trust me, you will be reminded 20 times that day to get that homework in. The teachers actually care about you and want to see you succeed and they will try anything to get you there.


In ten years I would love to see myself meeting and obtaining my biggest goal: owning a salon! I say ten years because I want to have that experience behind the chair. Plus, you need to be in a salon and get the feel of how this industry operates. Another dream of mine would be teaching cosmetology. Whenever I show a client a new trick, I love seeing that glowing reaction. Imagine how it would feel to teach twenty people something new! Well, one day I would love to fulfill all my dreams but I guess for now it will be one step at a time. Wish me luck!


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This is a guest post by Kelly Sitowski, a student at our Rockford campus.


My name is Kelly. I'm a full time cosmetology student at Tricoci University. Deciding on attending Tricoci University was an easy choice for me. I had previously attended a different cosmetology school, so I knew exactly what I was looking for. Plus, I figured I'd never walked out of a Mario Tricoci salon unsatisfied. So hopefully I would have the same experience on one of his campuses. And the day I walked out of Ms. Kristen's office, I knew I had made the right choice.

My first day in essentials was completely mind blowing for me. It had been almost a decade since I had been in a classroom. As a mother of 3 kids, I was already overwhelmed by homework every night. And now I had my own to worry about. But I have an amazing support system behind me. And I knew it would all be worth it in the end.

But just as I had settled into my new role as a TUBC student, life had thrown me a few curve balls. My family and I had experienced one loss after the other. I had missed a lot of school, and so had my kids. But the best thing about the TUBC teachers is that they are here to help students succeed. And with the help of everyone at TUBC, students included, I was able to catch up.

I look back at all that I have experienced in the last few months and I can't believe how much I've learned in such a short amount of time. I thought cutting hair would be my passion. But to my surprise the hair gods had other plans for me. Styling and coloring seems to come easier to me. And knowing that I will be in an industry that is always advancing, I will always have more to learn. That's the best part for me! I love everything about this industry, and I can't wait to see where it goes in the future. And I'm even more excited to master my craft, and to make my own mark on this crazy and ever changing industry of beauty!

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This is a guest post by Marie Suchy, a student at our Highland campus.

We all go through periods of our lives when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how hard you think you're trying, it just never seems to be enough. You'll place blame on stress, problems at home, the people in your life, etc. But if you really want to do something, you'll make it happen! If you want to go somewhere, you'll make travel plans. It all lies within yourself.

The moment you stop making excuses is the moment you become an adult. Taking responsibility for your actions, reactions, and attitude says a lot about the maturity level you want to be on. With that, comes with attracting the right kind of people. In turn, surrounding yourself with people who will push you to your success limit is exactly what you need to excel.


Nearing the end of my journey with Tricoci University, I am severely overwhelmed with the amount of support that is voluntarily handed out to the students. I was told recently that you get what you give. Now of course I've heard the term before, but I never really associated myself with it more so than I do now. I must have gone right somewhere.

I am walking out of this school with full confidence that wherever I end up is exactly where I belong. You are your problem, your solution, and your destiny. No matter where you are, you're the only one who will be with you, always. Accept change that comes with life. Gum used to be five cents, and now it's almost two dollars. We adjusted to that. We can adjust to anything else.

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Posted by on in Hair

This is a guest post by Shelby Aurand, a student at our Indianapolis campus.

At Tricoci University, I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by an excellent mix of educators. They're all not only talented but extremely helpful. Since the first day I've been here I knew I could go to any teacher with a question about our curriculum and I'd walk away confident with the response. One teacher in particular has made a huge impact on my education here.

Ms. Semou is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She's already a fantastic stylist but also is an amazing teacher. I know it'll take years and years of practice to become as skillful as she is in every aspect of cosmetology, but I aspire to be as talented as she is. She's definitely a natural born teacher though. Any question or advice I need, I know I can go to her. She's patient and kind with any help I come to her for. I appreciate that she not only is always willing to help, but makes me feel so proud of myself when I perfect something I've been struggling with. She makes sure to let all of us know what a good job we're doing.


At the beginning of the program, I struggled with remembering all the protocols for each and every hair cut we learned. She saw that and started helping me immediately. She made sure to walk me through them so I understood what each step is and why we do it. She encouraged me every day to practice them until I finally became confident with all the cuts. I went from being terrified of doing a hair on my own, to rocking all my hair cuts with confidence and enjoyment.

I believe a great teacher needs to possess the qualities that she does. They need to be talented and have an overall understanding in the subject they teach. They need to be patient with their students but push them to excel. They need to praise their students for accomplishing the things they struggled with. Ms. Semou has given me the knowledge, talent, and confidence I need to become a successful stylist once I graduate.

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This is a guest post by Miranda Sons, a student at our Highland campus.

I have always had a passion for doing hair. Growing up, I was the one always doing styling hair for family and friends. I chose a different path to begin with but I soon realized this was my calling. Being a cosmetologist doesn't feel like a job to me because I love doing it!


Joining school, I never expected to learn so much while having so much fun. I learned so many different things I have never heard of, and I met friends I will have for a lifetime. I also have learned a number of different things from all of my teachers. Each teacher is an expert in a different subject. Miss Mary is great with everything, and Miss Stephanie is doing a great job of following in her foot steps. I am confidant she will be an excellent teacher. She really cares about the students and I can tell how passionate she is about helping us. Miss Marrisa is amazing with color, while Miss Ladonna is amazing at styling oval-celled hair. Miss Darnetta really knows her facts and Miss Sheryl is great with men's cuts. Miss Linda and Miss Shanetta are my go-to teachers for honest opinions. I know they will tell me if a color I'm thinking about will look good or not. Miss charity is an awesome motivator and she is great when it comes to styling hair. I'm really glad that these Tricoci teachers are the people that molded me.

I am pleased to have the Tricoci name behind me. I will be graduating within the next month and I am extremely nervous. It is going to be scary not having the teachers and students I am comfortable with there to help me, but I know I'm ready.

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This is a guest post by Carmen Gutierrez, a student at our Chicago Northwest campus.

I am so proud to be part of this campus. It is packed with some of the most amazingly talented students TUBC has to offer. They pulled no punches showcasing their skills during our latest TUBC creative demo for prospective students on March 21st. I assisted a fellow student, Cintia, with hair and makeup for the lovely model pictured below, one of TUBC’s students, Ebony:


Here are all the models after our students did what they do best. The two in the middle were actually connected, well…sort of. Their hair was braided together. This duo undoubtedly won the crowd over and was voted #1 in this creative demo…they are also in the essentials program. So I am sure we will see much more from this group. Congrats to them! 


Ms. Carla spoke with the prospective students about our Esthetics program. During this presentation she demonstrated how they learn to create custom make up. Ms. Carla is very passionate and knowledgeable about the program and it shows. It was evident everyone really enjoyed this portion of the evening. After all, who wouldn’t love to make custom makeup?!

Ms. Christina, along with a group of students, decorated our theory room to give the prospective students the full Cirque de Tricoci effect! Ms. Abby did an outstanding job getting the prospective students to attend this creative demo. She also provided them with an array of snacks and drinks. Congrats to her for putting together another successful creative demo!


It was great to see such a diverse group of prospective students. Beauty knows no age, nor color, nor gender - beauty is beauty!

Until the next one!

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This is a guest post by Suzanna Acosta, a student at our Chicago Northeast campus.


Highlights and lowlights is the process of changing a person's haircolor using lightner or hair color. There are four basic types of ways to achieve highlights and lowlights: Foil Highlights, Hair Painting/Bayalage, Frosting and Chunking. The product used depends on what the desired outcome is. These four categories include Temporary, Semi-permanent, Demi-permanent, and Permanent. Temporary, Semi-permanent and Demi permanent all use different types of dyes and tones, while Permanent uses bleach or lightener to ensure a lasting result.

Highlights have been around forever, although not used in the traditional sense. Different methods have been used for centuries. Highlights were believed to be first used in Ancient Greece as early as 4 B.C. During this time resources were extremely limited. Ancient Greeks used ointments made of olive oil, pollen, and gold flakes. Then, the person sat in the sun for long periods of time. This method was time consuming and extremely non-effective. Nonetheless, it was still used for many centuries. During the Renaissance Era 1400 A.D-1600 A.D things changed slightly. Alum, honey, lemons and a sulfur mixture were used. After these compotents were mixed together, a cap-less wide brim hat was applied to the head and the mixture was applied over the hat onto the head. And just like the Ancient Greeks, the person then sat in the sun for hours. This process was a little more successful due to the sulfur and lemons, although very tedious and non fragrant.

Modern Highlights were devolped in the early 1900's. During this time period modern caps were first used. With this method the cap is applied to the head and strands are fed through the various holes in the cap. These caps separated the desired strands from the rest of the hair allowing stylist to achieve a look without excessive bleeding. We first see Hydrogen Perioxide used instead of home remedies or elixers. After the 1920's, there is a dramatic decline in hair services due to war and economic downturn. Somewhere around the 1960's and 1970's we see a return of hair highlightning. At first deemed a fad, by this time the cap is very much in use. Highlights were very monochromatic and not natural looking. During the 1980's we see a trend explosion in highlights. This is when foils are first introduced into the mainstream. With foils, people were able to place highlights where ever they wanted. This is around the time we first start seeing low lights. Frosting and chunking also popularize during the 80's.

Highlights and lowlights have came a long way in history. They are still very much in demand and are ever evolving. I am very excited for what the future holds for the industry!

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This is a guest post by Cortne Stroner, a student at our Rockford campus.

I'm Cortne and I attend Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in the Rockford area. I choose Tricoci University because, they have their own way of teaching. Students at Tricoci aren't just thrown into a classroom, they start fresh and from the beginning. They learn the basics, all the way from holding shears, to color corrections and even perms. They value education more than any school in the Midwest or any school I have ever been to.


 At Tricoci it's not just about cutting hair, or adding color to someone's hair, there is more to it. Everyone learns about the science of hair and skin, so we actually understand and can communicate to the costumers correctly. And it's not just a school to me; it's like family there. I made a lot of friends at Tricoci, and some have become my best friends. I have not only made friends with the students, I have also made close personal connections with my teachers. I have met some pretty great people by doing their hair. It's amazing how much a relationship can grow through doing hair.

Tricoci has been quite the experience for me; we get a lot of guest speakers that give us good tips on hair and techniques we can use, trips to Chicago for demo events, having cookouts when its nice out and we even have competitions where we all get reall competitive. Being a student at Tricoci, I've had advantages like half off products, personal services, beauty show tickets, and trips I would never be able to take without this school. I was actually able to meet Mario Tricoci himself and his personal assistants! It was a pretty great experience by itself, but bonding and sharing common interests with him was something I will never forget.

These past ten months have probably been the most eye opening and thought provoking months of my life. I really do want to do hair and I want it to be my career; Tricoci has opened that door. I honestly can say that I love my new family and my new home.

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This is a guest post by Katy Torgerson, a student at our Rockford campus.

Coming into Tricoci University for the first time was a bit overwhelming at first. I had toured other beauty colleges and I was not convinced that my experience would be as comfortable as possible. But I felt the best at TUBC. And coming in to meet Miss Kristen was very encouraging! My mom and I felt that Tricoci would be a very nice experience thanks to her.

Essentials was a very interesting experience, even if I felt a bit overwhelmed again. Talking about all the mark offs on the clinic floor was quite nerve-racking, and I was experiencing changes starting school full time and starting a new job working part time. But I felt like coming to class was a time for me to focus on what is important. And Miss Amber was so helpful! I think I speak for my whole class when I say we all have a very special bond.


On to the clinic floor, I felt as any new stylist would feel. I started mark offs and was feeling like school wasn't for me, but the assistance of my teachers helped me see that this is where I belong! Over all, I feel like my Tricoci University experience so far has definitely been worth the time and commitment. I feel like I am getting the education I need to be the best stylist I am capable of being. I look forward to handing out my resume and putting Tricoci's name on it. I feel I will be able to have a good foundation in learning new skills and the use of different products.

I would recommend this school to anyone interested in beauty culture!

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